Join us as at TIES 2016 as we focus on empowering learners! Empowering Learners focuses on how using technology can empower students, teachers, and school leaders. At TIES we understand the importance of life-long learning and believe that the more we empower learners, the more fun learning becomes for all of us. From engaging and inspiring keynote and featured speakers to breakout sessions led by fellow educators and tech professionals, TIES 2016 offers invaluable learning and networking opportunities across all levels of educators.

TIES 2016 Conference and Exhibits
December 12-13, 2016

TIES 2016 Preconference Workshops
December 10-11, 2016

1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403


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Session Spotlights

Saturday, December 10: 8:30 – 3:30

Carl Hooker

Predicting the future is not and easy thing, especially in education. During this workshop, district and campus leaders will go through a series of mini-challenges and discussions designed to stimulate their thinking and plan for the unknown future. Challenges and discussions will be centered around the following topics:
– What does it mean to be future ready?
– Redesigning learning spaces
– Embracing transformative teaching & learning
– Creating a culture of learning
– Celebrating failure & risk-taking
Attendees will walk away with both real-world examples of best practices and tools to turn around and use in their districts today.

Check out Carl’s new video for his Mobile Learning Mindset book series here here!

Tuesday, December 13: 11:45 – 12:35 & 12:50 – 1:40

Amanda VanDerHeyden:
Math Intervention Using Spring Math

Math proficiency is a game-changer for many students, opening doors to college enrollment, completion, and higher-paying careers. Ever wonder what it takes to get all your students to mastery in mathematics? Assess children to make sure they are mastering the tool skills in math. Use one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips to grow all students – class-wide intervention. If needed, provide individual intervention that is brief but contains all that a student needs to catch up and succeed in more challenging instruction. Bringing together assessment, instruction, and implementation science, combined with 15 years of instructional experience, Dr. VanDerHeyden will show attendees how to adjust course when instructional efforts are not working using Springmath, a tool that is designed for teachers to grow their students’ success.



2015 Conference Highlights

“Wow. So much information in such a little time. All of the apps/websites were things I could use in my classroom tomorrow! So excited.”


“Thank you for all of the great tips, tricks and resources! I have so many ideas to bring back to my colleagues!”

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TIES 2016 Education Technology Conference


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